Get to Know Us - Fitchburg Dental Office

Get to Know Us - Fitchburg Dental Office

September 19, 2017


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At Perfect Dental Fitchburg, we are proud of our team of dental professionals. We work hard to help you have a good experience each time you visit us and also help to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. Our practice is committed to providing you with the highest quality and best service in dental care so that you may attain optimal oral health for life!

Meet Our Dental Team

Get to know our amazing Dental Assistant Rylee:

  1. She loves to eat ice cream, apple and popcorn

  2. Her favorite sport is soccer

  3. She loves flowers

  When you see her at out office ask her what's her favorite song.







Get to know our Front Desk Danilsa:

  1. She enjoys to party with family and friends.

  2. Two of her favorite snacks are cheese and green apple.

  3. She loves to listen to music.

  4. She loves to drink her Herbalife tea every morning.

  If you ever see her at the office don't forget to ask her what makes her laugh!!!!