Perfect Dental Somerville visited The Welcome Project

Perfect Dental Somerville visited The Welcome Project

August 23, 2017


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Perfect Dental Somerville visited the kids at Welcome Project.

The Welcome Project is a community-based organization that provides programs for immigrant and lower-income families, provide access to employment and education, help residents to learn English and the nuances of a new culture and engage more fully in the civic life of the city.

Perfect Dental educational outreach staff, Karen Reardon (Perfect Dental Management Marketing) and Lupe Garcia (Program Director) provided Dental Hygiene Education training to local children at the Welcome Project. The purpose of the program was to teach children how to properly and effectively brush their teeth, how to maintain healthy teeth and gums and to show children how important Dental Hygiene is and why it needs to be part of their daily routine.

Educating children is great practice in the long run. Thanks to Karen and Lupe for a job well done!